Hello fellow travelers. Welcome to my SoYoga website!

When I first began my yoga practice over 20 years ago, the benefits were noticed almost immediately. It seemed to effectively relieve anxiety and stress, helped facilitate focus and concentration and increased my energy and mood. I never questioned how or why it worked. It just felt good so I kept doing it.

I have since engaged in a serious yoga practice, enrolling in a teacher training program and practicing daily. I've begun to find answers to the “how” and “why”, and wanted to create a space in which I could collect pertinent information for anyone who has a new founded interest in yoga or just wants to know more about what it is.

If your interested in yoga and have questions, then this website is for you! If youre asking questions such as, "is this some religion Id have to subscribe to" or "why are they chanting... that is so weird"  or thinking, "I could never meditate, I cant sit still for longer than a minute, let alone ten" or , "I cant do yoga, Ill never be that flexible". My intention is to offer information that may dispel common misunderstandings attached to the practice; to offer scientific explanations as to the how and why this lifestyle works and is highly effective in bringing balance, healing, and harmony to ones life. So feel free to take a look around. I will be making updates to the website frequently as there's a lot of information Id like to share.











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