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Complete Performance Systems with Personal In-Line Rechargeable Self Powered Monitors and

Anti-Shock Microphone Mounts for Trumpets and Saxophones and all other Brass Instruments.

Soundcatchers for Trumpet and Sax

Soundcatchers Sound Card model for Trumpet and Sax

Soundcatchers with Mute Adapters

Soundcatcher Personal Self Powered Monitor with 3" Static Mounted Soundcatchers Microphone

Soundcatchers Personal Self Powered Monitor with 3" Original Soundcatchers and 3" Extended Soundcatchers

3" Extended Soundcatchers                                  5" Soundcatchers                                                       9" Soundcatchers


Soundcatchers with mute adapter installed                                                     Trombone 5" Soundcatchers

Large Bell Soundcatchers

Static Mount Soundcatchers


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